Total Property Understanding™

Comprehensive interior and exterior property data

You can’t accurately insure what you can’t see. Flyreel equips underwriters with the most comprehensive interior and exterior dataset available. Our AI assistant guides policyholders through inspection workflows that cover both the inside and outside of the property. Our AI identifies and documents the unique risk of each property for optimal underwriting, at scale – including property risks, hazards, appliances, features and more.

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Fully configurable
self-service inspections that capture the data that matters most

Flyreel’s configurable self-service inspection workflows enable carriers to see and capture the data that matters most with automatic detection of property risks, hazards, appliances, features and more.

Risks & Hazards
Materials & Condition

Risks & Hazards

Materials & Condition


Data is is available in near real-time, intake occurs earlier in the underwriting period


Policyholders collect data at their convenience without the intrusion of an inspector or third-party contractor.


Identify critical risks and hazards, ITV discrepancies and optimize risk selection with ground-truth data.

The Ultimate Underwriting Solution

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