Solution - Risk Management

Personalized Risk Insights

Every property faces the risk of unexpected, harmful events that can have high costs or even harm your customers. Flyreel enables carriers to proactively manage risk at-scale with AI-assisted loss control and risk management that helps decrease and reduce preventable losses.

Manage Risk At Scale

Our AI assistant amplifies the knowledge and experience of your best risk engineers, guiding policyholders through configurable loss control surveys and self-service inspections using just their smartphone.

Actionable Insights

Data and insights are automatically extracted from images, videos and more as policyholders scan their property– with direct integrations available for your platform of preference to automate workflows and unlock proactive risk management opportunities.

The Property Baseline

As policyholders scan the interior and exterior of their property, Flyreel provides carriers a comprehensive baseline record of the property to be used by underwriting, risk management and claims.

Total Property Understanding™

Our solution is equipping carriers today with Total Property Understanding™ across their book of business. Ground-truth and actual data from the customer's property consistently out-performs broad risk pools and assumptions. Unlock the expertise of your organization by equipping them with thorough interior and exterior data to personalize risk management programs, policy coverage, pricing and more.

Protect Your Policyholders, Optimize Your Book

In nearly 30% of properties scanned by Flyreel, customers identify critical hazards and risks. In nearly 10% of properties scanned by Flyreel, customers report identifying ITV discrepancies.

Deliver protection, not just a policy


Automatic identification of hazards and risks across residential and commercial properties


Partner with policyholders to notify them of loss prevention opportunities, and personalize coverage for better outcomes.


Utilize Flyreel's AI-assistant to amplify the knowledge and experience of your team by reaching customers at scale.

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