Solution - Claims

A Streamlined Claims Process

AI assisted FNOL and digital claims

Flyreel equips your policyholders with an intuitive AI assistant to guide them through their claims filing at the time of need. Near real-time digital intake provides carriers the ability to see rooms, assess condition and begin claims adjustment, triage and prioritization.

Better data and better decisions, faster

Flyreel captures high quality, enhanced data using an AI-guided video, photo and text messaging experience that provides accurate details of affected areas or rooms. Our advanced computer vision technology auto-detects key details and information on objects, features and condition.

A faster path to resolution for you and your customers

Claims strike at all hours of the day, and customers must be met at their time of need. With AI-assisted FNOL, customers can be heard immediately and have peace of mind that you understand the situation, and that remediation and resolution are coming. With digitized claims data, carriers are equipped earlier in the claims cycle to triage and priorize efforts for LAE reductions, better customer experience and accelerated resolution.

A Better Claims Experience & Process



Equip policyholders with near-instant response times with digital claims instake. Your customers need to know that you understand their situation and are identifying a path to resolution.



Identify low severity claims upfront, sparing the operational expense and policyholder burden of dispatching valuable claims adjusters for remediation that should be straight-through processed.



Reduce LAE, accelerate claims settlement, identify and pursue subrogation opportunities earlier in the claims experience with Source7's subrogation extension and Donan's Loss Logistics extension.

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